Make a Change

I participate in a Wellness Challenge at work that involves making goals for the year and receiving a monetary award at the end of the year if you reach your goals.  As part of the markers, I am weighed each year at the same time.  I think this is very valuable information.  Many adults gain […]

Stop the Excuses

A friend just shared with me the following quote:

“You’ll never medicate your way out of diseases you behave yourself into.”

-Dr. Roby Mitchell

I love it.  I think one of the problems with our society is a reliance on medications which are treating behaviors we chose to have.  Let’s look at some behavior modifications.  What behaviors can […]

My Top 10

I am often asked what I eat.  People want to know the exact products I buy because I’m a dietitian.  You don’t have to eat exactly what I eat to consume a healthy diet.  We all have different tastes, and you need to learn how to pick the foods you like and manage […]

When a Snack is Not a Snack

There are a lot of “snack” options at fast food restaurants these days.  These snacks are actually meals.  I snack between meals, but I have a general rule of thumb:  snack on a fruit or a vegetable.  If you want something more try to keep the calories around 100 or less.  A candy bar is […]

Your Friend, Fiber

I want to turn you on to a high fiber diet.  If you are not getting enough fiber in your diet and cycle from constipation to diarrhea then you are increasing your risk of developing diverticulosis.  Diverticulosis is not a fun condition, and the dietary treatment is a high fiber diet.  Diverticulosis involves little pouches […]

Define Lifestyle

I talk a lot about having a “healthy lifestyle.”  What exactly does that mean?  I think the goal of making healthy eating and exercise part of your everyday routine is the key to being healthy.  When I go on vacation, I do not eat healthy all the time.  I indulge in foods that I don’t […]

One Word: Balance

My Dad went to a physician for many years and respected him tremendously.  The physician was retiring, so at his last check-up my Dad asked him to sum up his years of experience and make a recommendation using one word.  The doctor said, “Exercise.” As an avid exerciser, I agree with the doctor that exercise […]

Real People

Over the past 13 years as a dietitian, I have learned that everyone is unique.  Overall my recommendations for healthy eating are the same—for the young and old, athletic and sedentary, vegetarian and meat-eater, but I fine-tune information to the individual.  I have clients who swear that certain foods “make them fat” or cause constipation […]

Set a Good Example

I am often asked about childhood obesity.  I have friends who worry about their children and their eating habits.  I’m sure you know that childhood obesity is a huge problem in our country.  America is ‘obesogenic’ with an environment that promotes unhealthy foods and discourages physical activity.  I often see a parent behind their cell phone with […]

Surviving Summer Cookouts

We are approaching 4th of July weekend and lots of cookouts with family and friends. There are many benefits to cookouts: the meat or vegetables are grilled not fried and fresh fruits are in. There are also lots of temptations: pasta salads, high fat meats like brats, and desserts galore. As you set […]