Active Holidays

I eat cake at birthday parties and candy on Halloween.  I don’t believe in depriving myself or my children from treats on special occasions.  However, I also believe in celebrating with activity.  I used to spend every Thanksgiving and Christmas in Salina, Kansas, with my parents (when I lived at home or close to home) […]

Real Life Inspiration

I am going to spotlight some people I know who are very busy and still find time to exercise.  I hope to inspire some readers to do just that:  make exercise a priority.  I believe that what we do in life is all a matter of priorities.  There are important things to consider:  family, work, […]

What is Fitness?

I asked four friends from differing backgrounds to define fitness.  Fitness for one person may be running a 5K without stopping while another person may define fitness as climbing stairs without getting out of breath.  I believe that fitness is a very personal thing and there is no right or wrong answer.  I hope the following points […]

Make Exercise Fun

I hope the title of this blog didn’t annoy you too much and that you’re still reading.  I believe in making exercise fun.  I see people jogging down the street who look absolutely miserable.  When I see my husband jogging, he has a grin on his face.  Do what you enjoy!  If you don’t, it […]

Little Steps

I know you’ve heard this before, and I don’t want to bore you…but every step counts.  Try to find ways to increase your movement in everyday life.  Many people feel overwhelmed by starting an exercise program, so start small by adding steps each day.  I encourage you to park far away even in cold weather […]

Finding The Joy In Exercise

by Stephanie Wainwright –  Exercise Specialist and Fitness Instructor

Finding the joy in exercise is a lot like finding the joy in life.  Sometimes we need to look past the negative discomforts and really enjoy the true benefits.  We need to look past the negative experiences and really embrace our true blessings. 

When was the last time you […]