Define Lifestyle

I talk a lot about having a “healthy lifestyle.”  What exactly does that mean?  I think the goal of making healthy eating and exercise part of your everyday routine is the key to being healthy.  When I go on vacation, I do not eat healthy all the time.  I indulge in foods that I don’t stock in my pantry and refrigerator on a regular basis.  When I return home to my comfy bed I also return to my healthy lifestyle.  This summer we had a family reunion that included a lot of splurge foods like chips and dip and deserts.  I felt pretty thick when I got home, but I knew my lifestyle would take care of it.  When healthy eating and exercise is the norm for you, large fluctuations in weight do not occur.  I came home feeling a little heavier, but I got right back to eating my typical diet and exercise routine and within a few days I was back to normal.

Some people strive to have a healthy lifestyle their norm but do not achieve it.  They go on weight loss diets and exercise sporadically but do not stick with healthy eating and exercise long term.  I often hear these people say, “I’ve tried eating healthy and exercising, but it doesn’t work for me.”  It won’t work if you don’t do it most of the time.  And making excuses that you have a month of birthday parties or a vacation coming up doesn’t cut it.  If you are following a healthy eating plan and are active then a few pieces of birthday cake in a month or a week long vacation isn’t going to ruin anything.  Just let your healthy lifestyle take over and you’ll be right back to your healthy self.

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