When a Snack is Not a Snack

There are a lot of “snack” options at fast food restaurants these days.  These snacks are actually meals.  I snack between meals, but I have a general rule of thumb:  snack on a fruit or a vegetable.  If you want something more try to keep the calories around 100 or less.  A candy bar is around 250 calories, and most people know that if you’re snacking on candy bars you’re not going to lose weight.  Many of the “snack foods” at restaurants these days are the same as one or two candy bars.  In fact, many snack foods have the calories that you should be consuming in a meal.

Here are some examples:


Honey mustard snack wrap with grilled chicken:  260 calories/9 g fat

Honey mustard snack wrap with crispy chicken:  330 calories/15 g fat


KFC Snacker fish:  320 calories/14 g fat

KFC Snacker with crispy strip:  290 calories/11 g fat

Steak n Shake has a small burger, French fries, and drink “snack.”  That’s a meal folks.  Don’t think these options are part of a healthy diet.  If you are trying to lose weight or follow a healthy diet, these “snacks” use up too many calories and fat grams.

People often complain that it’s hard to get in the recommended 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  Snack on fruits and vegetables!  Bring fresh fruits and bags of veggies with you to work, on road trips, when you’re running errands.  Plan ahead and you will be snacking your way to a healthy weight.

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