My Top 10

I am often asked what I eat.  People want to know the exact products I buy because I’m a dietitian.  You don’t have to eat exactly what I eat to consume a healthy diet.  We all have different tastes, and you need to learn how to pick the foods you like and manage portion sizes.

But since you asked…here are my top 10:

(Drum roll please…)

10.  Baby Spinach:  This may not sound very exciting, but I absolutely love the containers of baby spinach at the store.  Making a salad out of spinach is so incredibly healthy and delicious.


organic spinach9.  Pluots:  A delicious fruit that is a mix of a plum and an apricot.  As an added bonus you sound unique when people ask you what you’re eating.  Just roll your eyes and say, “A pluot, of course!”


8.  Steamfresh Vegetables:  These have been out for a while, and I love the convenience and taste.  What an easy way to make vegetables for you and your family:  just throw a bag of veggies in the microwave for 5 minutes.  Some have added sauces and often the sauces are low fat (make sure to read the label).  There are also single servings available which make bulking up on vegetables at lunch time easy.  The nutrients in frozen vegetables are often greater than fresh as they are frozen at the prime state of ripeness.



7.  Mission Carb Balance Tortillas:  These tortillas (make sure to read the label to get the right one) have 11 grams of fiber a piece!  They are tasty and give you nearly half your recommended fiber for the day.  Wrap up some vegetables, low fat cheese, or lean meats in these babies and you have yourself a healthy meal.  Kids like them too…


misson tortilla  

6.  Honey Crisp Apples:  These are a seasonal delight.  I don’t remember these apples when I was little.  I’m making up for lost time by eating two a day all fall long.  You may not want to share these with the kids…



5.  100 Calorie Pack Almonds:  Mmmmmm cocoa flavored, dry roasted, or natural.  They are all tasty and portioned out for you.  Remember that almonds are a healthy choice but very high in calories.  If you lack portion control when it comes to almonds (like I do), these are a great choice:


4.  Laughing Cow Cheese:  Who hasn’t heard about this cheese in the circle container?  If you start reading food labels you’ll quickly realize that cheese is high in fat.  No one wants to give up cheese (right?) and Laughing Cow is low in fat (the light versions) yet creamy and full of flavor.

laughing cow 

3.  Sandwich Thins:  Arnold’s makes these wonderful sandwich thins which are high in fiber (5 g) and only 100 calories.  My kids call it the “cookie bread” and with a little peanut butter and honey you just might think you’re eating a cookie.

sandwich thin arnold 

2.   Greek Yogurt Dip:  This dip is unbelievably tasty.  The dip comes in a variety of flavors (cucumber dill is my personal favorite) and is low in fat yet creamy.  A perfect dip for veggies.



1.  Greek Yogurt:  I can barely believe the nutrition information on Greek yogurt.  It is the creamiest yogurt ever yet low in fat.  You can pick from plain, vanilla, honey or fruit on the bottom.  Where has this yogurt been my whole life?

 greek yogurt



There you have it…my top 10.  Who knew that eating healthy could be so delicious?

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