The Dietitian’s Cleanse™

Dietary cleanses are popular these days.  Celebrities often tout cleanse programs, so how could they be wrong?  Even Jillian Michaels from “The Biggest Loser” sells cleanse products (don’t get me started).  Americans want an easy way to lose weight and taking a pill or supplement for a few weeks to promote rapid weight loss is enticing.  Unfortunately, these products can cause major gastrointestinal upset and even vitamin and mineral deficiencies if taken for too long.  Your body doesn’t need to be cleansed by any product.  In fact, I think your body would be offended if you took a cleanse product.

On that note I offer you The Dietitian’s Cleanse:  Absolutely free of charge and will not cause you any harm!  Added bonus of weight loss to reach your goals for the New Year!  Don’t delay—start right now!

Step 1:  Cleanse your pantry:  Go through your pantry and throw away all unhealthy foods.  Toss out potato chips, Oreo cookies, candies left over from the holidays, and any other foods that tempt you.  I know this feels wasteful, but remember that it either goes in the wastebasket or on your waist.

Step 2:  Cleanse your refrigerator:  Go through your refrigerator and throw out junk foods.  Get rid of gallons of ice cream, pop, left over pizza.  (Notice the added bonus of a clean refrigerator with lots of space for healthy foods.)

Step 3:  Clean up your grocery list:  Make a grocery list that is plant-based.  Include lots and lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans.  Only buy lean meats and in small portions, low fat dairy products, and low fat cheeses.  Make your grocery list based on a week of healthy meals planned.  Put a menu of dinners on the refrigerator so that you know what to make each night.

Step 4:  Stock your refrigerator with cut up veggies in baggies ready to grab (it helps to put them at the front of the fridge).  Make a fruit salad with colorful fruits.  Wash grapes and put them in a bowl in the fridge.  Put fruit in a pretty bowl on the table.

Step 5:  Cleanse your days and evenings of television.  Take the kids to the YMCA and go swimming or play basketball.  Bundle up and go for a hike.  Take your dogs for a walk around the neighborhood (the pups are gonna love my dietitian cleanse).  Go outside and play in the snow.  Move.

Just 5 steps and don’t you feel better?  You are now set up to eat healthy and exercise.  There are no unhealthy foods in the house tempting you and there are lots of healthy foods ready to fuel you and your active schedule.  The Dietitian’s Cleanse: …Start it Today!

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