I'll do the Math

Weight loss is simple math and yet much more than just math. Are you confused yet? Let me explain…You simply need to be in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight. If you want to lose one pound then you need to cut out 3500 calories which could be 500 calories daily to lose a pound in a week or 250 calories daily to lose a pound in 2 weeks or about 110 calories daily to lose a pound in a month. Simple math, right? The “much more than just math” part includes all of the temptations along the way. Sure you need to be in a calorie deficit but when someone brings donuts to work can you really avoid the temptation? What if you come home from work tired and there is nothing healthy in the refrigerator to prepare for dinner? Do you order pizza? That doesn’t sound like math…

I preach making small changes and I stand firm in my recommendation that large changes never last. When you cut out all splurge foods from your diet you will end giving up on what is clearly a diet and not a lifestyle. You need to get to the point where you say no to the donuts at work or go to Hyvee and get a salad to go vs. pizza with the knowledge that making those decisions consistently will end up in a calorie deficit and weight loss.

Surrounding yourself with healthy foods helps when it comes to creating a calorie deficit. If you start your day with a bowl of warm oatmeal and set off with two pieces of fruit for snacks then you are starting the day satisfied and prepared. Then if you are invited to eat out for lunch you are more likely to order the salad with dressing on the side than the bacon cheeseburger with fries. If you fuel yourself throughout the day with healthy foods then when you get home at dinnertime you will be less likely to overeat at dinner.

You have to chip away at your average calories daily to see a difference. You may think that small changes don’t add up, but they do! Avoiding a 200 calorie donut is 200 calories less to your calorie total at the end of the day and over time that equals weight off your middle. Tracking your calories on a website can help. For the next 3 days log onto or or and record everything you put in your mouth. If you are currently maintaining your weight, see what your total calories are for the day. Then reduce that by 100-500 calories daily to put yourself in a calorie defecit. Simple math + consistency = the weight loss you desire.


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