Make Yourself Accountable

Today marks the one year anniversary of! Over the past year I have written 59 posts and have 2,500 readers! I have so enjoyed having an outlet to share my recommendations for healthy living. I have received a number of emails from readers, and I’m thrilled to hear that my suggestions are hitting home for so many of you.

Over the past year I was inspired by this blog to train for and run my first marathon. The experience was amazing. I ran with my husband and two girlfriends. We had so much fun training and running the race together. In the end, the race was pretty painful, but I was proud that I stuck with my goal. This brings me to the topic of accountability. I counsel many clients on weight loss, and a recurring theme is accountability. Being accountable to yourself is often not enough. I have to admit that if I had to train for a 26.2 mile run all by myself I’m not sure I would have done it. I had my husband and friends to entertain me along the way, and I knew they were counting on me showing up.

This year find a way to make yourself accountable for your goals. I will share with you my fitness goals. This year I have made a pact to complete a 50K ultra trail run with my friend Brandi in September. I have never ran more than 26.2 miles, and I only did that once…so this will be a challenge. I’m sure between my husband and Brandi I will be held accountable to my goal.

Set some goals for yourself this year and share them with the people you can count on. I have found that making goals that are a bit outside my comfort zone results in a huge feeling of accomplishment. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds this year then let a good friend know! Start exercising together. Tell your significant other, family members, and closest friends. You may be surprised the kind of support you receive. I sure was amazed with the support from my husband and friends last summer.

I received an email from a fitlifespot reader who explained that he had lost weight successfully in the past with weight watchers but had gained some back. He started a contest with his brother to see who could lose the most weight. He used a food journal app on his iphone to keep himself accountable. Accountability was key for his success. Some of my friends who want to lose weight are frustrated that they don’t have internal accountability. I think everyone can use some outside support along the way. Once you follow a healthy lifestyle long enough you will find your own accountability and then you can help others on their journey.

Thank you for reading fitlifespot and sharing the link with your friends and family. Here is to another year of new goals and an even healthier you!

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