Jeni and NathanNoah and LilyJeni

I am a wife (to Nathan), mother of two (Noah and Lily), and registered dietitian of 12 years.  Helping clients, family, and friends live healthy lives is my passion.  Won’t you join me?

Oh, and I’m crazy about my dogs too (Jack and Lola)…


Family Photo

My beliefs about healthy living are simple:

1.  All foods can fit in a healthy diet.

2.  Use your common sense when it comes to changing the way you eat.

3.  Healthy foods can and do taste good!

4.  Exercising and healthy eating go hand in hand.  When you exercise you want to eat healthy and vice versa.

5.  Healthy eating and exercising should be a family affair.

6.  Eat plant foods and lots of ’em.

7.  When you exercise, do what makes you smile.

8.  A positive attitude is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.

9.  Do not be all or nothing…find a happy place in-between.

10.  A healthy lifestyle equals a higher quality of life.