Active Holidays

I eat cake at birthday parties and candy on Halloween.  I don’t believe in depriving myself or my children from treats on special occasions.  However, I also believe in celebrating with activity.  I used to spend every Thanksgiving and Christmas in Salina, Kansas, with my parents (when I lived at home or close to home) and after the holiday a tradition was going to the YMCA to exercise.  My Dad and I would get up early the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas and workout.  We always felt so much better after a good workout.  Exercise is like a reset button after a day of overindulgence.  You feel better and you start to eat better.

Yesterday was Father’s Day and after Nathan opened his presents from the kids we asked him what he wanted to do.  He wanted to go for a run and then for a family hike.  Although we did include food in our celebration (Lily and I made Nathan breakfast in bed), we also included lots of activity.  We drove to Savannah and hiked in the Mississippi Palisades.  Rather than staying at home and eating brunch at a restaurant, we enjoyed the beautiful day moving our bodies.


During the long span of winter holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years, people often gain weight.  Food becomes too much of a priority and exercise falls by the wayside.  I encourage you to begin traditions during the holidays that involve exercise.  Complete a 5K walk/run with your children on the 4th of July, go for a hike on Labor Day, run or walk at a local Turkey trot on Thanksgiving, or take the family swimming at the YMCA during the Christmas holiday.  Being active together as a family is one of the best habits you can pass down to your children.

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